What is the climbing date? August 25th, 2018

What mountain do you climb? Every team leader will submit their top 5 mountains and we will do our best to give everyone what they want.  We will use a lottery system for those peaks in conflict.  You will know your peak by June 1st and your fundraising can begin!

Where does the money go? Donations from Project 54 provide indigenous youth-workers the gear and training they need to lead life-changing wilderness ministry in their country. The countries and regions that WMI works with include:Serbia, Colombia, Honduras, Rwanda, Uganda, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Romania, Nepal, Argentina, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Australia, Greenland, Czech Republic, and Italy. Check out our partner page for more information.

How hard is it to raise $1000?   Easy!  Your entire team divides the $1000 up so everyone takes a chunk.  One possible way would be to hold a dinner for your potential climbers, share the vision, ask each of them to take a pledge sheet and go to their church, friends, co-workers or bible study and ask for sponsorships.  If you have ten people on your team each person would ask ten other people to sponsor them for $10.

How do people donate?  Donations can be made online via credit card or paypal at www.project54.org.  Donations can also be mailed in to PO Box 3885 Centennial, Co 80161 (please don’t send cash).  Checks can be made out to Wilderness Ministry Institute.  All donations are tax deductible.

What about my tax receipt?  All donations made online will be receipted immediately via email. Please watch for an email from Paypal. All check donations will be receipted by mail after the event is over. Project 54 runs under Nexus International, which is a 501(c)3 organization.

How do the fundraising prizes work?  As team donations come in they will be tracked at www.project54.org. The top three fundraising teams will receive a prize for the whole team. First place – $1,000 gift certificate to REI, second place – $750 gift certificate to REI and Third place – $500 gift certificate to REI.  Every team reaching the minimum will receive Project 54 T-Shirts.  We will also give out a prize for the team that sends us the most creative summit picture. Finally, we will be giving prizes to teams that find corporate sponsors to support their peak. Tons of prizes so get excited!!

When do you have to decide?  We are asking all team leaders to make their decision by June 13th.  Please send us your top mountain choices on or before June 15th.  We will be assigning peaks on June 15th.

Who should your team be?  We are highly encouraging this event to be a relationship building opportunity that you might be able to use to share your life and the Gospel.  Think about coworkers, teammates, other professionals etc.

Can I ask my employer? Yes…and you should!  Most employers are happy to get behind what their employees believe in.  We’ve created a special corporate sponsorship program this year that will help you do that.  We have three different sponsorship levels that employers can choose from.  Corporate sponsors will benefit by getting their logo on the Project 54 website and our facebook page for the calendar year.  We will give out some sweet prizes to teams that find corporate sponsors so start thinking about who to ask!